The Story of the Voyage Unfolded



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Sheetal Cool Products Limited is a BSE listed and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 certified company. It is now among less than 10 companies in India with 6 or more food categories approved with BRCG & U. S. FDA modules under a single plant. This project-based on 'Make in India' was founded by late Shree Jagadish Bhai Bhuva in the name of 'Sheetal Pan and Cold Drinks' in 1987 and has been successfully carried forward with the great vision of social upliftment and welfare of all people with the motivating force "Vocal for Local" and 'Local to Global'.


Sheetal manufactures a large number of food products like Ice Creams, Savouries, Spices, Milk and Milk Products, Frozen Food, Sweets, and Vegetables.




  1. Quality in all Aspects

  2. Hard Work and Perseverance 

  3. Balanced Acclimatisation

  4. Ceaseless Improvement and Innovation

  5. Teamwork

  6. Collective Growth

  7. Social Responsibility

  8. Relationship for Life




A long process of hard work and perseverance has been experienced by each and everyone who has been a part of Sheetal Cool Products Ltd. throughout its victorious survival. By 2030, the company aspires to acquire a turnover worth Rs. 1500 crores and to be among the top ten companies in the food industry of India.


Sheetal Online Store is formed with a vision to be a part of Sheetal's Vision 2030 and contribute its part to achieve the milestone. To get more information about the company visits us at /