Sambar is a southern Indian gravy dish consisting of lentils and vegetables cooked with tamarind and other spices. The pride for the origin of Sambar rests in the hands of Chennai, a South India. It was first made during Maratha Rules. Over the years Sambar has seen numerous variations.


MUBAI researchers have set up a special coordination of necessary spices to prepare a delicious recipe of Sambar. MUBAI Sambar Masala, processed under the supervision of exponent administrative team, produces a creative craving for sambar by its taste boosting contents.



  • The content in this package is used to prepare delicious Sambar dish.
  • MUBAI Sambar Masala is composed of prominent ingredients of taste.
  • It's manufactured to be a perfect blend of hygienic spices.
  • It is purely a vegetarian product.

Sambhar Masala - 100g