Veg. Pulav has been a satiating appetite for many centuries. It is believed to be originated from Persia. Traditionally Pulav was cooked over charcoal in an earthen pot. India gave a new look for Pulav with Vegetables. It was further developed by many hands. Finally, MUBAI too made an intrusion in this art of cooking. This is a combination of spices that makes Pulav a superhero of celebrations. The chefs of MUBAI made a research on it and formed a unique blend of spices which would make the Pulav mouth-watering. 



  • The contents in this package are used to prepare delicious Pulav.
  • The MUBAI Shahi Pulav Masala is composed of prominent ingredients of taste.
  • It's manufactured to be a perfect blend of hygienic spices.
  • It is purely a vegetarian product.


Shahi Veg Pulav Masala - 100g